Here are a few tips when you are discouraged with your finances.

Sometimes it can be really hard when you are living a frugal lifestyle. I think we all go through periods of “I want it now!” How can we avoid or get out of this detrimental way of thinking? Try this the next time you feel discouraged with your finances.

Look Back

Occasionally, you have to take stock of what you’ve accomplished. Look back at your mountaintop victories, no matter how small or infrequent. You can gain a lot of encouragement by looking at where you’ve been. We all have milestones in our journey that we can reflect on.

Look Forward

Consider your goals. Why are you pinching pennies? Is it for a new-to-you car, a vacation, a down payment for a home? Whatever the reason, focus on that rather than your current situation. Even though your current situation might look bleak, dream big. This will help keep you focused and motivated in those times when you have to say no.

Reevaluate Your Budget

Are there any areas or categories of your budget that need to be adjusted? Is there anything that can be cut back or eliminated altogether? I find it best to go over my budget monthly. Each month presents its own unique expenses that need to be accounted for. Of course there are the big things such as Holiday meals, Christmas presents and the like. Most of us need to think through the smaller less fun and infrequent purchases/bills such as: car registration, school registration, school book purchases, various insurance fees and renewals, etc. I prefer to make my monthly budget using the free website: Every Dollar. I have not been compensated in any way to mention them.

Sleep on it

Many times, life looks better after a good night’s sleep. I’ve found it helpful with so many issues. If you’re feeling discouraged with your finances, sleep on it. You may find you are in a better mood/state of mind to handle things. If you’re having trouble getting to sleep check out my 7 Tips to Fall Asleep Faster.

Is there anything I left out that you want to share with our readers? Remember, we are learning together.

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